Welcome to the USS Bishop!

The year in 2379. The Battle of the Bassen Rift has just finished. The enterprise is broken.. and the last vestige of good lays with a clapped-out Oberth class known as the USS Bishop her mission to go where the greats have gone before but at a snail's pace and to many laughs to Count! These are the voyages of the USS Bishop her continuing mission to make Starfleet look like idiots and have fun doing it! This I sent the enterprise this is the Bishop and she’s a very a naughty ship!

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» Escape from the (not so) danger zone

Mission: So This is How Liberty Dies With Thunderous Laughter
Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2022 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Henry Branwell & Lieutenant Mrerow

Lieutenant Meow looked down at the latest in a stack of padds. He rolled his already bloodshot eyes. "Well. What's on the agenda today? He asked to the empty room. "Basic flight class eh? Well, starfleet is consistent. I'll give them that." The caitian groaned. He sighed as he sat…

Latest Personal Logs

» Clapped out and Useless

Posted on Fri Nov 5th, 2021 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Henry Branwell


My meeting with bbrass went as well as i could have hoped, relegated to milk runs and the second contact. Not that i find those not fun, but i suppose being around for the dominion war and lasting through it has given me less desirable tendencies. An Oberth class…