Clapped out and Useless

Posted on Fri Nov 5th, 2021 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Henry Branwell


My meeting with bbrass went as well as i could have hoped, relegated to milk runs and the second contact. Not that i find those not fun, but i suppose being around for the dominion war and lasting through it has given me less desirable tendencies. An Oberth class thats about to fall apart... Just what i need thank god i have Mereow weve been on near enough every tour together and now hes my XO on a ship i dident want nor had any inclanation of stepping on but hey let's face it i need to get out in the vastness of space.

Ive had the tour now my quarters aren't awful and mrerows are only a fraction away from mine, which means late night drinking sessions and all we need to do is drag ourselves to The CRR the next day. She had a bit of interior upgrade it looks more like a galaxy classes bridge now which i like and there's three seats as opposed to the normal 2. I've asked for brass to have starfleet engineering corps have a look at the engine so that when we roll out of space dock shes not kangarooing like a bad man on heat.

Starfleet are however giving me free reign over the entrees who come onto the ship, i have wanted for so long to have fresh out of the acdamy ensigns who want to make there mark, earn there stripes. Im currently sta in my quaters at the acadamy looking out across the quadrent and now all i want to do is sleep and wake up tommorw with a fresher head.