Escape from the (not so) danger zone

Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2022 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Henry Branwell & Lieutenant Mrerow

Mission: So This is How Liberty Dies With Thunderous Laughter
Location: Starfleet academy

Lieutenant Meow looked down at the latest in a stack of padds. He rolled his already bloodshot eyes. "Well. What's on the agenda today? He asked to the empty room. "Basic flight class eh? Well, starfleet is consistent. I'll give them that." The caitian groaned. He sighed as he sat further back in his chair.

As he did he saw the Akira class model that was on his shelf. He sighed again. "Stupid cardassian ship. Stupid war" he grumbled. "Was a pilot once. Now flying trainers and a desk that wouldn't go 1kph if you pushed it."

Henry had just out if the briefing that would give him command of an aging old oberth class "Punishment" for an infraction on his last tour. His head was swimmming, however his first port of call was for the mess to find the cat that would be his good right arm, Mrerow, a fellow officer that had served with him on the farragut he grabbed his cup of tea and made for his fellow officers office "Liutennant Mrerow imcomming fuzzy red head" he said in a commical voice as he stood outside the door.

"Enter, please " the caitian smiled. "I'll deal with you later, padd "

Henry entered a less desirable look up on his face "You wnat the good news or the bad news first?" he said standing there hand on hip and the other holding his tea "No you cant have my tea ive earned this brass have been riding my ass all day and not one of them pulled my hair its was a travesity" he said in a mock high tone of voice.

"Well." Mrerow began. "You cant spell brass without ass." The caitian cracked a little smile. "What's up?"

Henry came and sat down "So good news is weve been reassigned bad news is its an aging oberth whos engine is basiclly useless"He slamemd his head on the table "Why did we fuck up our last tour WHY!" he said hitting his headon the table "Its the USS Bishop by the way that ship is almost as old as my dad and he retired 10 years ago"

"Well at least it's a command. "Space duty definitely appeals to me. Beats nanny to cadets who dont know a nacelle from a stick. Stupid Galor class"

Henry drank from his cup of tea "Well i suppose your right its a command and thats all we could hope for given our track record" he said looking around "The Acadamy Quatermaster has been moving my office slowly over to the bishop i think brass want us under way in a little over a week we've been given a milk run of a second contact mission with a sect of romulans that want to enter into negotiations with starfleet to become part of the federation of planets" he said with a sigh.

"You know me, I travel light. When do we leave, Hank?"Mrerow said

He looked at his pad "According to this we set off tommorw but the engines may say different" he said with a slight wink.

"Well. its got to be faster than the USS Piece of wood thay were commanding currently. Good old desk class. Be the next Enterprise I hear." Mrewor said, trying his best to keep from laughing . "Its got a drawer and everything."

Henry laughed "Youd like to think woudlent you? Apart from the fact the engine is on pieces on the engineering deck right now whilst our engineers try and retrofit a new one its beyond a joke" he said hanging his head as he walked closer to trhe transporter deck.

The caitian sighed. "It's never easy, is it?" He asked. "Oberth huh? The couldn't find a NX class?" He laughed.

Henry laughed again "Id prefer an NX over an oberth belive me atleast it looks apetising" he said rubbing teh caitians arm "We'll lets get over to this ship roomy and get settled"

"Sounds good to me, Hank" the caitian replied

Henry smiled as he stepped on the transporter pad "Hank has a good ring to it" He said with a wink "Lets go and see what this train wreck has in store for us"

"Lead on, Cap'n" the caitian said, winking back

"Chief two to beam up" he said looking at the transporter cheif "Right you are Liutennant Commander two to beam to the bishop is it sir?" the cheif spoke "Correct cheif now mr meow we shall see what starfleet has given us may she still be in once piece lords rest our souls"

"Mr Meow huh? I like that." Mrewor said. "Maybe we should replicate old earth "duct tape". Can't hurt"

Henry looked to his XO "The Cat has whitt you will go far" he said clasping the other on the back "Cant hurt lets face it the constitution class enteprise was kept togther by chekhov's russian accent and Kirks untimely affections for women lets face it the bishop is buggered" he said laughing even harder.

"Well Kirk had Scotty. We dont" Mrerow said, busting out with a laugh

Henry laughed outloud "Then i task you my fair friend with requesting a scotty for us" He said as the transporter wooshed around them.

"I'll see what I can do, boss " the caitian replied